Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Super Amazing Language

Dear Faithful Followers,
You know, I missed you guys. I should have been faithful to you. But, that's in the past. Today's topic is: My super awesome language. When I say Grrrrrr it means I am super mad right now. OMW means Oh my word. Poodle Sticks means either Wow or Dang it. Snap means super Wow. These are just a few things i say there are many more that I can't seem to remember.

       Love, Cambria

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tricky Track

Okay. Picture this. 50 preteens running on a field. 25 not trying. 25 pushing their hardest. All of them sweating like pigs. Two minutes later. 35 kids jumping. 20 throwing heavy objects. Some are laughing. Some are crying. All of them are panting like dogs.

So. Which one is me? Am I a thrower? Am I jumper? Well, I'm not strong. I don't do distance. I jump hurdles. I sprint. I long jump.  But, I have learned a valuable lesson. when your running it's a good idea to keep your shirt on. No I did not take mine off. Someone else did. And that did not tun out well.