Monday, August 17, 2015

the summer that changed my life

Those words are not capitalized because in reality my life has not changed but my perspective has. I know I know that sounds so deep and thought provoking but it's not. I've realized three things this summer that more often than not are true. 

1. Opinions are important but it's usually best to keep them to ourselves. Especially while on Facebook. When other people's opinions are the opposite of yours it often leads to ugly arguments. 

2. It's okay to care about what people think of you. Which of course sounds like a contradictory statement to the one above but it's true. Having pride in yourself is awesome but if we take it too far we become vain and vapid. Trying to please the world instead of ourselves. So it's a very fine line. 

3. "As you get older things will seem more lame than before. Nothing will change but you, I promise."

Thanks for being patient.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Struggles of a Ballerina

As many of you have noticed I have not posted since last year! But this morning I received a text from one of my best friends, Brandon. He told me he was looking at this blog... Imagine that. So this post is for him.

Yesterday during band I was asked to go to the office to copy a paper. Which I did. But as I was heading out, I heard people down the hall talking about me! The girl talking said this "Look at how she walks haha.. She looks like a ballerina" This is a very strange thing to say about someone but I tossed it aside and went about my business. But later in the day at track I heard another person say I ran like a ballerina! So I'm realizing that this is a common thing to say about me and so I'm assuming it's a compliment. It probably means I walk/run with confidence, grace, style and possibly like I have stick taped against my back. Or you know I walk on my toes..