Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beauty and Love

Ooah! I bet your wondering who this lucky fellow is. That is the question. Who does Cambria love? Well, let me describe him. he has gray hair, green eyes, and a fat droopy body. That's right he's a cat. He is 14 years old. He's really mean and likes to bite. Oh yes that's right follower's I'm so bored that I'm talking about my cat. How sad.... So really there is no beauty. Sorry. This is really boring so...  Hugs and Pugs!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tickets Please!

 I went to a carnival today. But, of course it was very small because of where i live. Oh sure it had rides, cotton candy, funnel cake (mmmm...) and the occasional  carnival child. which are the offspring of carny folk. It just wasn't big. So anyway, I went on a ride called the Hammer heads. The man operating the ride only spoke about three words of English. I had dropped some of my tickets and didn't know it. he came to our sets and tried handing me the tickets.I was so confused. I said "No I already gave you my tickets". He shrugged and slammed are cage door shut and started the ride.I then realized that he tried giving me those tickets so I was practically screaming, " Wait stop, those are mine!" But, of course he did not care. So finally I gave up and tried to relax as e were going upside down. When the ride ended I didn't even bother trying to get them back. I just said "Well thanks a lot." and walked into the ever glowing sunset.  

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Lovely Fans!

Sorry people. I haven't really wrote much this summer. But, anyway. i got a message a while back from an Anoynmous. They wrote: "Amo tu blog, me encanta lo que escribís. Eres muy graciosa e inteligente; me haces reír mucho!! Felicitaciones"  which means :
"I love your blog, I love what you write." You are very funny and intelligent; you make me laugh much! "Congratulations" So thank you my adoring follower.