Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The 1 Amazing Thing

What is amazing? Me? Turkeys? The phone? Lists? How about everything. When you see things like me, everything is pretty dang cool. Softballs, cookies, aliens, worms, printers, and maybe even you. Yes you. But, the first thing is ........... sporks. Sporks are the first thing for many reasons. They hold soup, pasta, ice cream, pickle shavings, you name it the spork can hold it. They can dig holes or stab things. whatever you need the spork can do it. So go and buy a package of sporks. Feed your imagination with it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I hate when this happens. You only here one side of the conversation. This happened to me when I was at the store. I was in line to check out and I heard this: Hello? Hey! Nothing really. What? When? She said that? Oh yeah. Wow? You go girl! Oh! She laughed? Oh no! He was there? She did that? OK. yeah. See ya later! But, this is only half of what I heard. The rest was a lot of mumbling and giggling. It was slightly creepy. So if your talking on your phone, look around. you'll probably see someone trying to listen to you. If this happens hang up!