Saturday, February 18, 2012

Where are my stalkers?

Hi! I know your reading this. I bet your watching me write this. Don't think I don't know. Because I do.
Well on to the story. I've been reading lots of different blogs/websites, and it seems like each one has a personal stalker. The stalker always comments on every post or likes every status update and re-tweets every tweet. Their there. But, I'm wondering why don't I have a online stalker? Is my blog not good enough for you?!?! Fine. I'll just find one. Or I'll create another account and follow myself! Yes that's what I'll do. HeeHeeHee.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lemon Puff

Hello my little lemon puffs! It"s good to see you here. I hope your day has been well. Mine has been spectacular. Smokey (my cat) is very rambunctious today, climbing and scratching everything. Jabba(my dog, well one of them) has been very rude lately. He is starting to act like a teenager. Lemon puff. Lemon Puff. LeMoon PUff. Puff Lemon.Hmmm. Very strange. Lemon Puff.