Sunday, September 7, 2014

And 1 Thing That Makes Me Sad

Day 6: The hardest thing I've had to experience.

Writing about this will be very hard since I cry every time I talk about it. But, it's for the challenge so I must.
A  few years back my grandmother passed away, and it was truly devastating. I remember the moment I found out, I was in the back of my Aunt's car next to my sister. We were all traveling to Denver to see her in the hospital. When we were told that she had passed away my stomach felt like it dropped. I had just lost one of my hero's, my kindest friend, and my wonderful grandma.The next few weeks were a struggle. I hardly ate and spent nights crying. But I kept going. I overcame the sadness and remembered the humor she brought into my life. I'm grateful for the many years I was able to have with my grandmother and I'm glad that I know I will see her again. :)