Friday, April 3, 2015

Struggles of a Ballerina

As many of you have noticed I have not posted since last year! But this morning I received a text from one of my best friends, Brandon. He told me he was looking at this blog... Imagine that. So this post is for him.

Yesterday during band I was asked to go to the office to copy a paper. Which I did. But as I was heading out, I heard people down the hall talking about me! The girl talking said this "Look at how she walks haha.. She looks like a ballerina" This is a very strange thing to say about someone but I tossed it aside and went about my business. But later in the day at track I heard another person say I ran like a ballerina! So I'm realizing that this is a common thing to say about me and so I'm assuming it's a compliment. It probably means I walk/run with confidence, grace, style and possibly like I have stick taped against my back. Or you know I walk on my toes..