Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Many of the people who read this blog know me in real life. And many of them know I love my cat Shakira. Shakira is a black cat with a spunky personality and an obnoxious meow. Shakira also has 314 followers on Instagram. And even crazier than that Shakira has a photo that received 2,400 likes.. I know. So weird. But as Shakira's "momager" I'll tell you how to become slightly famous in the cat obsessed world of Instagram.

Know Your Audience
People love cute cats. But, people love cute cats with silly personalities more. If you have a cat that poses, sleeps in funny positions, does wild things or is just plain cute use that to your advantage.

Captions Are Important
Of course your initial photo will be the reason someone clicks on your profile but what makes them stay? CAPTIONS. Add a funny remark or something your cat would be thinking to make the cat photo relatable. No one likes a serious cat. Even Grumpy Cat's sarcastic banter is adorable. 

Following Spree
The major key to success in becoming instafamous is developing a squad that would rival Taylor Swift's. Your cat needs cat friends. And those cat friends will provide likes on your cat's photo. Which will then make it appear in more people's search feeds. Which will attract more cat lovers to your page which creates more followers! And with more followers you get more likes which finally starts the whole cycle anew. 

My dear cat lovers, your future in instagramming is attainable. Pursue your dreams by living vicariously through your cat. Cry a little when you realize your photo roll has 600 cat pictures. Live! 

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